Vagaboarding from Paris 2 Amsterdam by skate

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Vagaboarding from Paris 2 Amsterdam by skate

From France to Netherlands by skate

After the italian coast to coast in 2016, I had promised to myself to do a longer trip abroad crossing an entire country.

But then I said to myself: “Why not to cross 3 different nations instead of one”?  So, I started planning this adventure. Traveling by skate is a fantastic experience, I think it is very underestimated and everyone can do it. So during this adventure I will try to share what will happen every day with media contents updating social pages. Below you find the links to follow this trip. I will use the hashtag #vagaboarding for the entire trip so you can easily check what’s happening on instagram or facebook. Hope to find good connection on the road.

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I will start from Paris on June 18. I dont’ know ow many days it will take, depends on many factors such as weather, the streets…  and my legs!

Those are the cities I will pass through:
  • Paris (France)
  • Cambrai (France)
  • Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Rotterdam (Netherland)
  • Amsterdam (Netherland)
I will move as usual independently. That means I will not have any vehicles as support, with my zero-emission friend: the skate.  On my shoulder, as always, my backpack with a tent and the strictly necessary (every extra weight in this cases is too much).

For the rest I don’t like to do too many programs, I know where I start, I know where I have to go and I will try to enjoy what happens in the middle. After booking the flight I found out that on June 29 right in Amsterdam will be held Dutch Ultraskate, an international well-know longboard event. So after invitation of some partecipants, I decided to set this event as my finish line.

Follow this adventure ad if you like it please share!

Hope to see you on the road for a beer!

Back in 2016 me and my mate Michele  italian Coast 2 Coast


2016: Longboard Coast to Coast: Ready for the night after an entire day pushing through the italian mountains.


Michele pushing toward 1200 meters of height in the middle of Italy